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Design & Facilities

Alila Hinu Bay offers a contemporary fusion of local architectural traditions with modern aesthetic sensibility. The ultimate expression of contemporary style, the guestrooms and villas are an exquisite composite of thoughtfully designed spaces, unparalleled quality in detail and comfort built for artisanal living.

Designed by creative minds, Alila Hinu Bay Resort project has succeeded to combine the quaint and the modern in a balanced fashion. It stretches over 45 hectares of ecologically attractive beachfront sites located in Mirbat, Governorate of Dhofar, as the main goal of the master plan was using the site to its full potential. From the arrival into the resort from the North of the plot through a descent via rocky terrain, guests can gaze upon natural composition of the site, well-preserved in an eco-friendly environment, with a minimal intervention of building components as a commitment to sustainable operating standards.

The 5-star resort includes 112 hotel rooms and suites, as well as restaurants, swimming pools, children’s areas and leisure centres, carefully articulated for the best guest experience, offering a distinctive destination of tranquility and luxury. Guests are welcome to rest within the accommodation, prior to an exclusive tour where they will be able to enjoy nature reserves, incredible marine life and untouched coastline.

Alila Hinu Bay Resort design features a heavy influence of the Omani vernacular. It’s contemporary, minimalist, and aesthetic well integrated with the local climate and culture. Marble on the facade, falaj water features, and Omani archway corridor stand behind awakening the inner senses of guests in the reception building, creating a sense of place and an exclusive experience of traditional luxury.

While wandering on site, you will be stepping into a concept of discovery, fueled by curiosity and attractive finishes carefully blended into the unique landscape surrounding the site. The lobby is set around a central water feature, complemented with a traditional "majlis", limestones and artworks, created to visualize the best approach of local life with a pleasurable narrative.

The connection to nature is emphasized by framing natural views, incorporating natural materials, and visually blurring the physical boundaries between indoor and outdoor.

Furniture and artworks were completely redesigned, to enhance the interiors of the resort, surrounded by a strategic landscape turning green by dint of native roots and adaptive plants.

The main resort building faces the pristine beach, then links to rejuvenation signature services offered by Spa Alila, via a falaj.

Boosted with generous volumes, the guest units are located along the natural contours of the resort, then descends towards the sea framing unparalleled views of the Arabian Sea.

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